A little bit of this
and a little bit of that…


This blog is about my life, my inspirations, my job. I have two jobs indeed. One is a full-time job as a mother of a little girl named Elia. My second job is my online-shop for kids fashion and accessories –  Misses and Misters Kids Co. And I love both jobs. But there are days when Elia’s driving me absolutely crazy with her diva-habits – she is only TWO years old!! – and I’m not sure if running my own business was the right decision, but in the end it’s all good and it could always be worse…

So what you will get to read is a little bit of everything. A little bit of Elia, a little bit of our family life and a little bit of what is inspiring me to do Misses and Misters Kids Co. I get my inspirations from different things and from different people such as my husband Oliver. By the way, he inspired me to do this blog. And he is the one who makes my website look so cool! 😉 Other people whose creativity also inspire me are featured in this blog.

Hope you enjoy reading.

XX, Thuy

My favorite sources of inspirations:

Louise Misha