Best of Spring…for the boys

The first thing I get to hear when it comes to boys fashion is that it’s so hard to find something really cool, most of the cool things are for girls. I don’t think so! Yes, it’s true that the variety of girls fashion is bigger but there are so many cool styles for boys, too. Just go to the ZARA Kids Department. I always find some nice pants – I love the skinny styles! – and some shirts and jackets. But it doesn’t always have to be ZARA and H&M. If you browse through my selection of the spring must-haves you will find some really nice labels like BEAU LOVES UK and I DIG DENIM.  If you buy their clothes you will always get high quality materials and the coolest design ever – and it works for both, girls and boys. And of course don’t miss the classics like RAY BAN and ADIDAS. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Coming up next are my favorites for girls! 😉



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