Best of Spring…for the girls

There you go. These are my favorites for the girls this spring. I would love to have them all for myself. I mean, look at this beautiful fringe vest by Mango Kids combined with the Moonjelly Dress by Kids on the Moon  and of course Birkenstock sandals. The perfect outfit, isn’t it? My favorite colors this spring are definitely blue, pink and coral. And I LOVE the ombre styles! Make your own selection and mix it all up. Take the fringe vest again with the Grenadine pant by Louise Misha, a simple white shirt and the Adidas Superstar. I’m sure that outfit will even make the mommies jealous! Ok, I’m outta here – I need to go shopping NOW!

Wish you all a great weekend. XX




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Best of Spring…for the boys

The first thing I get to hear when it comes to boys fashion is that it’s so hard to find something really cool, most of the cool things are for girls. I don’t think so! Yes, it’s true that the variety of girls fashion is bigger but there are so many cool styles for boys, too. Just go to the ZARA Kids Department. I always find some nice pants – I love the skinny styles! – and some shirts and jackets. But it doesn’t always have to be ZARA and H&M. If you browse through my selection of the spring must-haves you will find some really nice labels like BEAU LOVES UK and I DIG DENIM.  If you buy their clothes you will always get high quality materials and the coolest design ever – and it works for both, girls and boys. And of course don’t miss the classics like RAY BAN and ADIDAS. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Coming up next are my favorites for girls! 😉



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Best of Spring…

Spring is officially here, so I decided to share my personal 10 Must-haves with you. My favorites are always comfortable and yet stylish and they make you smell good. But not too much.  I prefer understatement, that’s why I love the eau de colognes by Jo Malone. They have that touch of „quiet elegance“. Ok, the Zara denim dress is quiet short. A bit too short, but it’s so cute. Look at those sleeves! You see, my Top 10 includes some high street as well as designer fashion. It’s up to you to make your pick! So enjoy the selection.

And to all moms out there: I will soon show you my favorites for little boys and girls!




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