My first interview

I’m so excited! I just gave my first interview ever. Bella from A MUMMY’S LIFE blog asked me some questions about Misses and Misters Kids Co.. Go to the LINK to see the whole interview. I hope you like it. And of course take a look at Bella’s beautiful blog!


Interview A MUMMY’S LIFE

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A perfect day

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining. Everyone has a smile on his face. And everybody wants ice-cream! So do we. Elia and me just had a perfect day together with strawberry ice-cream. That was the first time she ever ate strawberry. Even if it was just ice-cream. But that was big for me because Elia doesn’t eat any fruits. Never! Since she was about 1 year old. Does anybody has the same problem?? Every other kid I know just loves strawberries, grapes and apples…but she doesn’t even wants to try them. So now you know why it was such a big thing for me when she had  strawberry ice-cream today. Anyway,we had so much fun together. She was so sweet and funny. So that was definitely one of those good days. :-)


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All I want for Mother’s day

If I could make a wish for mother’s day, I would have just one tiny little wish. Really tiny. Just one thing. And it’s really not that big.

I would die for the Metallic DREW bag by Chloé!!!! She is perfect. And I know she would look great with my new Lika Mimikas. And my new COS Jeans. Awwww, she would look perfect with every outfit. I think I love her. And I really deserve to get her. Because I’m a good mother.

So if you could make a wish for mother’s day, what would it be?


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