Must-have dresses for your little girl


Oh my god! That was a hard decision. I could have pick a thousand more dresses to show you. They come in every color and shape! This summer you will find a lot of long dresses. I think little girls are always looking cute in long dresses. And one of my absolutely favorites of this selection is the Eiko Aquarella dress by Softgallery. You can dress it up with a leggings and a denim jacket if it’s getting cooler outside. Unfortunately, they don’t sell it in my size. See that’s what I love about Zara Kids. They do have the bigger kid sizes. You will probably see me wearing the same Zara dress as my daughter this summer… 😉



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My first interview

I’m so excited! I just gave my first interview ever. Bella from A MUMMY’S LIFE blog asked me some questions about Misses and Misters Kids Co.. Go to the LINK to see the whole interview. I hope you like it. And of course take a look at Bella’s beautiful blog!


Interview A MUMMY’S LIFE

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A perfect day

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining. Everyone has a smile on his face. And everybody wants ice-cream! So do we. Elia and me just had a perfect day together with strawberry ice-cream. That was the first time she ever ate strawberry. Even if it was just ice-cream. But that was big for me because Elia doesn’t eat any fruits. Never! Since she was about 1 year old. Does anybody has the same problem?? Every other kid I know just loves strawberries, grapes and apples…but she doesn’t even wants to try them. So now you know why it was such a big thing for me when she had  strawberry ice-cream today. Anyway,we had so much fun together. She was so sweet and funny. So that was definitely one of those good days. :-)


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All I want for Mother’s day

If I could make a wish for mother’s day, I would have just one tiny little wish. Really tiny. Just one thing. And it’s really not that big.

I would die for the Metallic DREW bag by Chloé!!!! She is perfect. And I know she would look great with my new Lika Mimikas. And my new COS Jeans. Awwww, she would look perfect with every outfit. I think I love her. And I really deserve to get her. Because I’m a good mother.

So if you could make a wish for mother’s day, what would it be?


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Best of Spring…for the girls

There you go. These are my favorites for the girls this spring. I would love to have them all for myself. I mean, look at this beautiful fringe vest by Mango Kids combined with the Moonjelly Dress by Kids on the Moon  and of course Birkenstock sandals. The perfect outfit, isn’t it? My favorite colors this spring are definitely blue, pink and coral. And I LOVE the ombre styles! Make your own selection and mix it all up. Take the fringe vest again with the Grenadine pant by Louise Misha, a simple white shirt and the Adidas Superstar. I’m sure that outfit will even make the mommies jealous! Ok, I’m outta here – I need to go shopping NOW!

Wish you all a great weekend. XX




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Best of Spring…for the boys

The first thing I get to hear when it comes to boys fashion is that it’s so hard to find something really cool, most of the cool things are for girls. I don’t think so! Yes, it’s true that the variety of girls fashion is bigger but there are so many cool styles for boys, too. Just go to the ZARA Kids Department. I always find some nice pants – I love the skinny styles! – and some shirts and jackets. But it doesn’t always have to be ZARA and H&M. If you browse through my selection of the spring must-haves you will find some really nice labels like BEAU LOVES UK and I DIG DENIM.  If you buy their clothes you will always get high quality materials and the coolest design ever – and it works for both, girls and boys. And of course don’t miss the classics like RAY BAN and ADIDAS. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Coming up next are my favorites for girls! 😉



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Best of Spring…

Spring is officially here, so I decided to share my personal 10 Must-haves with you. My favorites are always comfortable and yet stylish and they make you smell good. But not too much.  I prefer understatement, that’s why I love the eau de colognes by Jo Malone. They have that touch of „quiet elegance“. Ok, the Zara denim dress is quiet short. A bit too short, but it’s so cute. Look at those sleeves! You see, my Top 10 includes some high street as well as designer fashion. It’s up to you to make your pick! So enjoy the selection.

And to all moms out there: I will soon show you my favorites for little boys and girls!




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Louise Misha ♡ the women line


Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Sveta & Pant Grenadine

Cette saison une petite ligne pour femme viendra compléter la collection enfant! Des robes, des tops, des chaussures, des bijoux, des sacs… et même des chaussettes! Elle sera en ligne ce week end sur notre eshop! Les photos ont été réalisées par les talentueuses Kirsten Rickert et Aurelie lecuyer dont nous adorons le travail!

Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Sveta & Pant Grenadine
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Collier Bloessom
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Clog Glitter
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Sveta & Pant Grenadine
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Combi Amandine.
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Combi Amandine, Collier Bloessom
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Pant Cachemire, pochette Tropicale
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Combi Amandine, Collier Bloessom
Picture: Kirsten Rickert.
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Collier Gipsy
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Sac Tropical, Sac Dream
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Sac Tropical
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Dress Boheme, Dress Manon, Collier Bloessom
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Jacket Grenadine, Jupe Scarlette moutarde
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Veste Grenadine, Robe Iris, Collier Gipsy
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Sac Cockatoo
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Sac Cockatoo, Dress Flo
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Swan, Pant Cachemire
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Coco, Pant Grenadine, Collier Gipsy
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Coco, Pant Grenadine, Collier Gipsy
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Shoes Cockatoo, Sac Gatsby
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Pant Cahemire, Top Siska, Collier Gipsy
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Pant Cachemire, Top Dalia, Jacket Jodhpur moutarde
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. BO Corail
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Tee Glitter, Jupe moutarde, Collier Gipsy
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Top Dalia, Pant Cahemire
Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Clog Fluo, BO Pompon
Picture: Kirsten Rickert. Robe Flo

Quoted from Louise Misha

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